Is Personalized Skincare a Genuine Promise or Just Hype?

The buzz around skincare personalization is undeniable. Yet, with everything from
online quizzes to tailor-made ingredients, the definition of “personalization” is
increasingly becoming ambiguous.
On November 7th, join Nick Howard, International Strategy Director at Evelab Insight,
as he demystifies the future of personalized skincare. Delving deeper than marketing
jargon, Nick will uncover how terms like “anti-aging” and “glow” can be distinctly
quantified for each consumer, paving the way for a stronger bond between them and
their preferred brands.
At the heart of EveLab Insight’s innovations is a commitment to rigorous skin research.
Utilizing cutting-edge imaging technology, coupled with parallel polarized lighting, the
company precisely identifies skin concerns from the surface to deeper layers of the skin.
Through sophisticated algorithm training and deep learning, our skin analysis platform
deciphers crucial factors for healthier 7skin. This precision empowers brands to
recommend skincare regimes based on genuine individual needs rather than mere
Having partnered with esteemed brands like Shiseido, Dior, and Sisley, Evelab Insight
champions the nexus of science and luxury in skincare. Be a part of this pivotal
conversation and network with the beauty industry’s elite at the Beauty Leader Summit