Combining Beauty and Technology: The World’s Largest AR Mirror by FFFACE.ME for Maybelline New York

On October 7th, FFFACE.ME launched the world’s most enormous AR mirror with a screen size of 4,000 square meters for Maybelline New York. This case revolutionises the industry, demonstrating that with the help of modern AR technologies, any classic advertising screen can be converted into AR Mirror. 

The AR Installation was unveiled on the facade of Gulliver Mall in Kyiv. Every visitor could see themselves through an Augmented Reality Filter on a screen the size of a building in real time. Through an interactive AR installation, the brand announced the launch of its new mascara, and the AR Filter allowed its virtual try-on. This case demonstrates that beauty brands can now offer virtual try-one of their products using advertising screens of any size, which helps to avoid banner blindness and turns classic communication into a personalised, immersive experience. 

The era of traditional advertising materials, offering static or video content for passive consumption, has drawn to a close. Just as there is a term for “banner blindness” online, the same phenomenon is now observed offline. People no longer engage with traditional advertising materials, and we advocate for their rejuvenation through the infusion of interactivity. In this particular instance, we have developed a filter that showcases the effects of the new product. When individuals gaze into a mirror, they not only witness this product in action but also draw attention to themselves as their faces appear on a screen. We have installed AR mirrors by FFFACE.ME at Charles de Gaulle Airport, near the Paris Opera, in the largest malls in France and Germany, but the case for Maybelline New York is the most extensive in the industry’s history. This is just the beginning and a significant example of how technology knows no boundaries. We believe that AR mirrors will soon be used throughout the entire retail industry as it is the best way to connect with the audience in real-time emotionally.

Digital Beauty is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and not all beauty tools work equally well. To embark on such a project, it’s crucial first to understand the objectives, identify critical points of audience interaction, and carefully select the appropriate tools. Maybelline New York initially presented us with a brief for the Metaverse project. However, through clarification and collaboration, we were able to define the project’s objectives and deliver a transformative solution. This venture required substantial PR efforts and represented a significant undertaking in offline retail. 

We conducted a thorough analysis and proposed an entirely novel approach. Our team created an AR Filter that allowed consumers to try on the product, targeting three distinct target audiences. In smaller retail spaces, we introduced compact AR mirrors. We also organised an online contest with AR Filter, engaging users in creating branded content. However, the centrepiece of this project was undoubtedly the colossal AR mirror, offering an immersive experience to a wide range of participants offline. In essence, this project is not merely about the world’s largest mirror; it embodies a comprehensive strategy for achieving diverse objectives. It underscores the importance of beginning with strategic consulting and highlights the possibilities technology can unlock.

The first activation results which we achieved were incredible. More than 3 million organic views and mentions, and this is only the tip of the iceberg as we are collecting data to see the whole picture. Furthermore, we garnered more than ten mentions in the press, including an article on ADWEEK. 


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