Dimensions of Prada Beaty: How AR Filters and AR Mirrors helped to communicate the Digital Beauty embodiment of the iconic fragrances

FFFACE.ME continues to push the boundaries of Digital Beauty and introduces a new project at the intersection of online and offline. Their latest project, two different formats of AR Mirrors for Prada Beauty, offers an immersive exploration of fragrance that seamlessly merges the digital and physical realms. 

Set against the iconic backdrop of the Paris Opera, Prada Paradoxe introduces an immersive experience that captivates the senses.  The spotlight falls on two distinctive Prada Paradoxe fragrance bottles harbouring an AR Mirror. Approaching the mirror, passers-by see their reflection through a unique AR Filter created by FFFACE.ME, after which they instantly receive a photo of their experience. 

The AR Filter continues to unfold the universe of Prada Paradoxe, embodied in the film featuring Emma Watson, encapsulating her myriad dimensions – the artist, the activist, the actor, the woman. In this creative fusion of art, technology, and fragrance, the bottles transform into a canvas, unveiling three distinct personas with a virtual twist. Three filters symbolise the multifaceted essence of women, celebrating their diversity and complexity. 

Dmytro Kornilov, CEO and Co-Founder of FFFACE.ME XR Studio, shared his insights on this approach, “In recent years, we have observed a powerful trend toward digitisation, and the Beauty industry has been no exception. For some reason, most of the digital tools being introduced became a part of online communication exclusively, even though offline presence of the audience remained substantial. At FFFACE.ME, we are rectifying this situation by applying digital innovations not only online but across all channels where it can deliver maximum ROMI. The project for Prada Beauty is a vivid example of such an approach, where a digital product, Instagram filter, was employed for three types of communication:

  • online on Instagram for generating branded user-generated content;
  • offline in the form of a large mirror with printing functionality in crowded locations for a ‘wow’ effect;
  • in retail as a small selfie mirror with  try-on functionality, embodying the fragrance and stimulating instant purchase.

We believe that communication tools have undergone significant changes over the last 10 years. However, we see that the transition from a 2010 marketing strategy to a 2020 has not occurred. Instead, an outdated strategy has been supplemented with another one – an innovation strategy. These two strategies exist separately and do not enhance each other. We are addressing this situation by creating a completely new marketing and PR mix, integrating innovations into cross-platform communication to generate measurable results and sales.”

Prada Infusion Collection comprises an array of nine botanical fragrances, each crafted around a single plant essence. This collection reimagines the concept of personality, with each botanical element serving as a unique mirror to different facets of one’s identity. FFFACE.ME created nine distinct filters to immerse users in specific personality archetypes, effectively conveying the emotions associated with each fragrance.

Unlike the intricate design of Prada Paradoxe, these mirrors feature a simplified form for enhanced in-store usability. Customers can effortlessly sample and immerse themselves in the essence of these fragrances, turning it into a journey of self-discovery. By switching between these filters, individuals can find the fragrance that resonates most with their inner state. 

Thus, Prada Beauty expands the horizons of engaging with its product, presenting a visual connection through interactive digital involvement via AR Filter, and interactive offline experience with AR Mirror. All these phases softly and gracefully lead brand enthusiasts to the product popup and product purchase.

Project team:

Creative Producer: Dmytro Kornilov, FFFACE.ME

Prada Paradoxe and Prada Infusions AR Filters: FFFACE.ME

AR Mirrors idea and mechanics: FFFACE.ME

AR Mirrors software: Applifting         

FFFACE.ME is an award-winning XR & WEB3 Product House that creates AR Filters & AR Mirrors, Digital Clothing, Virtual Influencers, Metaverse projects and integrates innovations into the brand’s marketing and PR communications. FFFACE.ME has worked with a wide range of high-profile companies such as L’Oreal, Inditex, Prada Beauty, Clarins, Marc Jacobs, Pepsi, Puma, Visa, Meta, Viber, Anex, Lenovo, LG, Lyle & Scott, Avon, Maybelline, Wella, La Roche Posay, Porsche, and more. 

Featured by Forbes, Vogue Business, ADWeek, L’Oficiel, Hypemoon, Meta for Business, Milan Fashion Week, Dubai Expo, AWE XR, and Berlin Photo Week.

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